Old School Saturdays in WBs

6bOld School

Retro Therapy with DJ SANTANA & HAF

An old school mix of breaks, freestyle, house and more with resident dj’s SANTANA and HAF. Appearances from a group of talented old school dj masters from throughout central florida bring their own flavor as guests to this blast from the past. Share in the best vibes and memories every Saturday in WB’s, as we take a trip down memory lane.

With decades of experience as a dj, Paul Santana is very familiar with the “OLD SCHOOL”….

In 1995 the underground and rave scene grew quickly in Tampa. Paul began working at Ozone late nights. Paul had the opportunity to play along side weekly featured DJ’s such as Huda Hudia, Rob-E, Icey, Baby Anne, Keoki, and many others.

In 1996 Paul joined MARZ and over the course of the next two years Paul performed at 1509, The Fantasy Ranch, Cosmos, Goldrush, Liquid City, Cream, The Edge, and 901. These residencies opened new doors for Paul, giving him the chance to perform with legendary DJ’s such as Andy Hughes, Kimball Collins, Sandy, D-Extreme, J-Luv and many other of Florida’s biggest named DJ’s.

In 1998 Paul decided it was time to move his career to the next level. Paul sent promotional CD’s and tapes to hundreds of promoters across the United States. Paul began traveling and performing in cities all over the country. This gave him the opportunity to meet and spin with world renown DJ’s and artists such as Dave Seaman, B.T., Taylor, Josh Wink, Three, Monk, Jackal & Hyde, Noel Sanger, Jimmy Van M., Icey, Baby Anne, Dave London, Sharaz, and  Mike Nice just to name a few. He continued to travel for the next three years while making guest appearances at venues throughout Florida.

Paul lived the Old School. Come witness his dj talents every Saturday in WBs at The Hyde Park Cafe.